Friday 1 September 2017

ChaBooCha Lite 2017 #ChaBooCha #ChaBooChaLite

Today is the first day of ChaBooCha Lite 2017!

ChaBooCha Lite is another chance to write an early reader, chapter book, middle grade book or YA novel within a month. The premise is the same as the premise of March's Chapter Book Challenge. (The Lite challenge will have less prizes and less guest blog posts.) You will still be trying to write your book during the 30 days of the month, but instead of running in March, ChaBooCha Lite runs in September.

It's also completely acceptable for you to finish a book previously begun or to edit one you have already written, as long as you complete the work in September.

It's another chance to challenge yourself, and to give yourself a deadline for writing your book. Want to join us? Sign up here.

If you'd like to add this year's ChaBooCha Lite badge to your website or blog, right-click the shape of badge you'd like below and save it to your computer to add at your convenience.


  1. I signed up today, thanks for the challenge. I actually have a book that I need to finish. I'm only on chapter two but would appreciate the enouragement.

  2. I'm up for the challenge! Thanks Becky!

  3. I'm late starting but am eager to work on a stalled ms. Thanks for hosting!

  4. Making a really late start this year, but aiming to have a book formatted and order the print proof by the end of the month!

  5. I love this September motivational boost for chapter book manuscripts... What a joy!