Tuesday 26 February 2013

Chapter Book Challenge 2013 Badges! #ChaBooCha

I know I'm cutting it close to the start of the challenge, but I have finally created a badge that I think (hope) you'll love for ChaBooCha 2013. It's not a tradtional style logo. I wanted this year's to be something special, something that showed a bit of the magic that we all hope to bring to children with the stories we write.

Credits (how it was made): I used some photo-manipulation with a photo I took and using a stock photo from and some of the work my husband has already done for his Fairy Magic Photos. But then I realized that having a bunch of magical fairies might be too girly for some of the made-for-boys ChaBooCha books, so I had to add some dragons. I found my dragons in the stock account of a talented DeviantArt artist named Demitri Levit who has an art account on DevaintArt under the username DElevit. I also needed to use a stone slab for the book to sit on and found one in a DeviantArt stock account by Luna-8.

I really hope you like the badges. The badge changes every year. I am posting it here in a few different sizes so you can choose the one that best works with your blog or website. You can find merchandise featuring this badge in the shop soon. At the time of this post, there is nothing in it yet, but I will be adding merchandise soon so check back in a few days to see what's available. (Profits from all purchases of Chapter Book Challenge merchandise goes towards funding the challenge, things like purchasing prizes and such.)

Please let me know what you think of the ChaBooCha badge. I hope you like it! (Click on the first link to see it in its full size.)




  1. I love love LOVE the badge! Thank you for including the dragons. Doing the challenge is going to be an -- um -- challenge for me, as I'm heavily involved in preparing for, then taking an online course in plot structure, working through another novel I have in progress, but I'm going to try to do this challenge as well.

    The logo/badge will go up on my blog on March 1st as a sign of optimism and determination that I can at least make some inroads into my chaboo!

  2. Beth, you're a busy lady! I think all of us are engaged in several writing projects and other stuff. I'm excited about your course. I'm over the moon about this challenge. I've not faired well in the last writing project I participated in. It ends March 1. I hope to do better, here. So Excited People!

  3. The badge looks great, I hope I am up for the challenge.