Saturday 30 March 2013

Chapter Book Challenge Donation Drive #ChaBooCha

With the exception of the occasional prize offered by one of the guest authors, all of the prizes during the challenge are bought (and shipped) by me. If anyone would like to donate to the challenge, there is a "donate" button to the right side of the blog, but don't feel as though there is any expectation of donations. I buy prizes for the challenge because I think it enhances the experience and encourages participation, and because I love making this challenge as rewarding for its members as possible.

We've had some very generous contributions from guest authors and ChaBooCha members to this challenge:
2 print books
2 ebooks
1 mock/concept book cover

I  love how much this challenge has grown in just one year's time, and I'd love to grow it even more for next year. If you can't spare a donation, that's pefectly okay. I have every intention of keeping this challenge free regardless. I would, however, like to ask that you please share this post around with others.
You can read the thank you page for those who have donated here.

To make it easy, I will include a donate button here in this post.

Another way to donate to the challenge is through buying from the Chapter Book Challenge store.

I do want to say thank you to everyone who has participated in this challenge this year and another thank you for telling others about the challenge. It is entirely because of Chapter Book Challenge members that this challenge has grown from only 23 people in its first year to nearly 100 in its second year!

Thank you!


  1. i did finish my first draft thanks to you!

  2. i did finish my first draft...thanks to you