Wednesday 30 September 2015

Last Day for ChaBooCha Lite Writing #ChaBooChaLite

Today is the last day for the challenge. How has everyone done?

For those of you who succeeded in writing their stories, well done! It's a wonderful accomplishment! Now you need to get down to the oh-so-important editing and revising part of creating your book.

For those of you who used this Lite challenge to edit or finish your previous book, again, well done! I hope to see your book on Amazon or in book stores someday soon!

For those of you who didn't complete your book, I'm still going to tell you, "Well done." You planned your book, and/or wrote some of it, That's more than you had before the month started, right?

The thing about these challenges, and the main purpose of them, is to get you to sit down and spend time on your story. It's important that you get your story out into the world, because someone somewhere is going to love it.

I hope you enjoyed this "light" version of the challenge and managed to spend some time on your book this month.

So, tell me in the comments how you did this month.

Everyone signed up for this challenge will be entered into a drawing for a $5 (USD) Amazon gift card. All the drawings will be done tomorrow, so check back late tomorrow and see if you won anything this month.


Also Friday, we will be posting the possible covers to choose from for Teapot Tales: Volume 3, so please come back and vote on your favourite. If you would like to submit a cover for the anthology, please send it by 9:00am tomorrow morning (GMT).

We are still accepting story submissions and art submissions for the anthology through this weekend.


  1. Hi, Becky, Thank you for nudging fellow writers to keep going. This month I edited and polished two picture books. Now I'm circling back to my chapter book with high hopes of completing a first draft in October.

  2. I completed my goals this month. Wouldn't have done that without this challenge, once again I need to say thanks for making me actually work!

  3. I plan to finish my first draft of my chapter book by the end of the day. It's a VERY rough draft, but, at least it will be done, and I'll have plenty to edit! Thank you so very much, Becky, for moving us along in our writing journey!

  4. Thank you Becky,once again, for presenting this challenge. It really gives me the extra push I need to complete yet another goal. I spent a lot of time (editing, revising) on the same chapter book and accomplished a lot more than I would have without the challenge. Thank you for all you do!

  5. My goal for this year was to finish what I start. I haven't finished my novel's first draft (yet) but I was able to plot, outline, and draft at least half of it in the last thirty days. That feels pretty good. And after all, there are still 8 hours left in the day! Thanks for the motivation.

  6. I edited two chapter books one and a half times I didn't get a story written, but I knew that was pushing things a bit far.... thanks for another awesome challenge :D

  7. Thank you for another great ChaBooCha Lite, Becky! It was just the kick in the pants that I needed.

    After getting my 12 x 12 picture books (I wrote 3 and revised 2) out of the way with, I finished the revisions for my chapter book. I added quite a bit more to the story through dialogue and interactions with the other characters.

    Yesterday, I started in on the revisions of my middle grade novel and have revised the first 4 chapters… 12 more chapters to go.