Wednesday 16 October 2013

Time to Vote on the Jingle Bells Cover!

Rules: Choose the number of the cover you like best. Send your vote to me at Rebecca (at) Fyfe (dot) net. Only story contributor votes count. There will be adjustments whichever one wins the official vote. I'm thinking some of the titles will need outlines in other colors or something to make them more visible. In the first two, they were sent in without the title or subtitle, so the title can be adjusted in color and font.  (And the bells were added in after in the first one, so again, those bells can be added to any of the titles.) In #3, the subtitle was added before the artist knew what the actual subtitle would be. Again, whichever one wins, there will still be adjustments to make things work. Keep that in mind while voting. Also keep in mind that each of these will be slightly different in the print version as it has to wrap around, which will mean more work for some of the artists. Remember that the titles and subtitles can be adjusted to be made more visible if needed.















  1. some lovely covers again. The graphic art is always so eye catching and the bold designs show we have some very talented people amongst us. well done everyone.

  2. I love 8. 6 is cute and I like 11 but 8 gets my vote.

  3. #5 and #10.. They all look great!