Friday 8 November 2013

Jingle Bells cover reveal and list of stories and authors

Here's a sneak peek at the cover for the Jingle Bells anthology which will be available for purchase in a few short weeks!
"Jingle Bells: Tales of Holiday Spirit From Around the World"

And just for another sneak peek into the anthology, here's a look at the table of contents, complete with the story titles and names of the authors who have contributed.

1. Hope by Cecilia Clark
2. Christmas Is Coming by Emily Morgan
3. Kristel the Christmas Mouse by Kelly Vavala
4. Zeyde's Hannukah by Nancy Churnin
5. Thomas' New Coat by Marissa Ames
6. Spying a Saint by Angelica Fyfe
7. Saving Silver Square by Ashley Bohmer
8. Dirkus's Christmas by Jackie Castle
9. The Spirit of Christmas by Rebecca Fyfe
10. A Very Merry Birthday and a Happy Christmas by Kelly McDonald
11. Where Are the Bells by Melissa Gijsbers
12. Coal by Abbi Knight
13. Christmas Spirit by Alayne Kay Christian
14. The Ragdoll Under the Christmas Tree by Beth Avery
15. The Day of the Wren by Deirdre Sheridan Englehart
16. White Fairyland by C. S. Frye
17. Christmas Blessings by Theresa Nielsen
18. Olivia the Terrible Singer by Nicole Zoltack
19. Make My Christmas by Satori Cmaylo
20. The Button Box by Melanie E. Lancaster
21. The Naughty or Nice List by Ashley Howland
22. Dashing Through the School by Jo Hart
23. The Perfect Gifts by Robert Fyfe
24. Daddy's Home by Abbi Knight
25. Aussie Jingle Bells by Melissa Gijsbers
26. Duncan's Gift by Rebecca Fyfe
27. A Perpetual Gift by Cecilia Clark
28. Christmas In June by Alayne Kay Christian
29. The Holiday by Emily Morgan
30. Jack's Frosty Christmas by Jackie Castle
31. Holiday Hustle by C.S. Frye
32. Assunto's Presepi by Kelly Vavala
33. Lightning Lilly, Princess Seea and the Foggy Night by Ashley Howland
34. Dragon Magic For Christmas by Rebecca Fyfe
35. A Little Bit of Peace by Melissa Gijsbers
36. Xmas Means by Abbi Knight
37. The Mermaid's Gift by Cecilia Clark
38. The Ice Queen by Robert Fyfe

I can't begin to tell you how much you are going to love the stories within this anthology - heart-warming holiday stories written by a variety of talented authors.

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