Sunday 3 August 2014

Ghostly Echoes - the Table of Contents

Here is the table of contents for the "Ghostly Echoes: Spooky Tales from Around the World" anthology. The stories are listed in the order they will appear in the book. To make it fair, I started by typing up the titles in alphabetical order and numbering them. I then used a random number generator to determine which order the stories would be listed. Once a story by an author was listed, if a number for one for of their other stories was selected before all authors had at least one story added to the line-up, their story was put at the beginning of the author stories for authors who had written two stories, and this was done again for authors who had written three stories. That way, with fourteen authors contributing stories, all authors would have one story listed in the table of contents within the first fourteen chapters.

Last year, we had around 23 contributing authors and something like 38 stories. Because of this, if anyone else wants to send in another story (3 total stories per author is the limit) or wants to send in a story and hasn't already sent in a story, if you do so while I am still compiling and editing the anthology (it will take me two weeks at a minimum), I will accept it, as long as it is well written. I'll take more drawings for the interior too.

However, since we have 22 stories, this anthology will go ahead either way. As long as the anthology is at least 101 total pages, it will be able to have the title printed on the spine of the print edition, and that is my requirement for adding a print edition.

Please look over the title of your story and your author name as it is listed and let me know of any errors or any changes you want to make. Also, if you haven't already sent in a 3rd person author bio, please do so this week.

1. A Good Guard Dog by Beth Avery
2.  The Stranger by Tinika Ross
3.  The Ghost Train by Ashley Howland
4.  Frances McFadden's Party by Deirdre Sheridan Englehart
5.  The Ballad of Jack O'Lantern by Jennifer Thornhill
6.  Fade to Black by Julia Stilchen
7.  All Hallow's Eve by Geoffrey Landis
8.  Wicked by Angelica Fyfe
9.  Tag by Cecilia Clark
10. Scary Movie by Robert Fyfe
11. The Talisman by Nicole Zoltack
12. The Curator by Bron Rauk-Mitchell
13. Zombie Cat by Mary T. Kincaid
14. The Ghost Cat by Rebecca Fyfe
15. Forever More by L. W. Flouisa
16. The Riddle Tent by Kelly Vavala
17.  Halloween by Robert Fyfe
18. Burning by Angelica Fyfe
19. The Gyspy's Talisman by Rebecca Fyfe
20. Trick or Treat by Ashley Howland
21. The Witching Night by Robert Fyfe
22. Sinking Sands by Rebecca Fyfe
23. About the Authors & Illustrators
24. The Chapter Book Challenge

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