Saturday 2 August 2014

Teapot Tales Volume 2 - It's time to vote on the cover!

If you submitted a story to the anthology, you get to vote on which of the possible covers you prefer. You may vote in the comment, stating which three you like in the order that you like them. Your first place choice will get three points, your second place choice will get two points and your third place choice will get one point. Please ignore any discrepancies in the titles or any watermark images as all of it will not be problems in the finished book covers. (Also, if you have a favourite but prefer a different font, feel free to suggest.)

Book Cover 1

Book Cover 2

Book Cover 3

Book Cover 4

Book Cover 5


  1. My choices are:
    1 - cover #1, it fits well with the colours etc of Teapot Tales 1
    2 - cover #3, the style will fit with Teapot Tales 1, but change the font of the title to fit with book 1
    3 - cover #4

  2. 1 for sure, looks awesome!

  3. They're all great covers. It was really hard to choose.

    1 - #1. Agree with Melissa that I love how it matches the first Teapot Tales. But I think in terms of font I would prefer 'Teapot Tales' be in the more prominent font/size and have 'Mermaids and pirates' in the lesser font/size.

    2 - #4

    3 - #3, but I think a less blocky font would suit better. Something softer/a touch more scripty.

  4. Cover 1 - def fits with the first book. Then number 4. They all look great.

  5. 1 - cover #1
    2 - cover #3
    3 - cover #4

  6. 1. Cover 2
    2. Cover 1
    3. Cover 4

  7. 1. Cover 1
    2. Cover 2