Tuesday 30 September 2014

Final Day and some prize winner announcements! #ChaBooChaLite

Today is the last day of ChaBooCha Lite! How have you done? Did you get your story written? Did you end up writing something completely different than you started out writing, or did you have an outline and stick to it?

Even if all you did was write 500 words more this month than you would have without the challenge, or even if you wrote nothing but learned a lot and gained ideas for when you do start writing, that counts as a personal win. The main point of these challenges is to get you to do more and learn more and gain more momentum towards your goal of writing that story.

I hope you have enjoyed this Lite challenge and have learned a thing or two to take you into the next story you start to write.

Now, we have some prize winners to announce!


The person who won his or her choice of an inspirational magnet from this section of my shop (the magnet pictured above is just one example) is:

Mary T. Kincaid

Congratulations, Mary! E-mail me with the address where you would like it sent. Be sure to look at all of the inspirational magnets and choose which one you like (they all have a number or you can save the link).


The winner of the handmade fairy charm bookmark is:

Nancy Kotkin

Congratulations, Nancy! E-mail me with the address where you would like it sent.


The winner of the cat-themed charm bookmark is:


Congratulations, McMarshall! E-mail me with the address where you would like it sent.


One person has won a custom fairy creation using their own photo The winner is:


Congratulations, Ashley! Instructions on how to take the photo for me to use will be sent to you. The fairy photo manipulation can be of you, your child, you and your child or even of more than one child, if they are in the photo together

Congratulations to all of the prize winners and to everyone who reached a personal goal this month!


  1. Congratulations to all the winners :)

  2. congratulations Mary, Nancy, Mcmarchall and Ashley and thanks Becky for a faboulous month of encouragement and information

  3. This has been a useful challenge. I didn't meet my personal goal, but I did get a lot on paper And carve out extra writing time, so THANK-YOU !

  4. Thanks so much, Becky, for all that you do. I love the bookmark. Lucky me.

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  6. I had a great month with the challenge. I have a very rough draft of a story that I believe is a winner. I just have to edit it. Thanks for the encouragement.

  7. Congrats to all the winners. I nearly achieved what I set out to during September. School holidays got in the way of finishing. Thanks for all your posts.