Monday 29 February 2016

Welcome to ChaBooCha 2016! #ChaBooCha


Welcome to this year's Chapter Book Challenge!We started back in 2012 with only 23 members but have grown to over 350 signed-up members this year. (I'm hoping we reach 400 before March is finished.)

For those of you who are new to the Chapter Book Challenge here's a little information about it:

The Chapter Book Challenge, otherwise known as ChaBooCha first ran in 2012. It runs every year in the month of March. The challenge is to write one completed first draft of an early reader, chapter book, middle grade book or YA novel in the month of March, starting on the 1st of March and finishing on the 31st of March.

During the month of March, there are helpful blog posts from published authors, agents and publishers to help members hone their craft, and there are prizes available throughout the challenge.
ChaBooCha has a very relaxed atmosphere where members help each other to achieve writing goals.

You can sign up on the website using the sign-up form, and you can also join the Facebook page for updates and information. There is a Twitter page and members interact with one another throughout the year in the Facebook group. It is completely free to join the Chapter Book Challenge.

We have a wonderful line up of authors, agents and experts in the field of writing who will be guest posting this month. I will have the list up a few days from now.

 When you sign-up, you will begin receiving e-mails in your inbox every time a blog post goes up. You may unsubscribe from the e-mails, but, just so you know, the e-mails only go out during the month of March and will end when the challenge ends anyway.  If you signed up for the challenge in a previous year, you will remain signed up and do not need to sign up again.

You must be signed up in order to be eligible for the prizes. Signing up for the challenge carries an extra benefit this year; you will be entered into a drawing for a Kindle Fire. One signed-up member will win a Kindle fire at the end of the month.

 If you'd like to display a Chapter Book Challenge (or ChaBooCha) badge on your blog or website, you can grab them (in various sizes) from below.

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