Tuesday 21 February 2017

One week until ChaBooCha 2017 begins!

It's almost time for Chapter Book Challenge 2017 to begin! I hope everyone is excited to start working on their stories!

Have you come up with an idea yet? An outline? Or are you just going to wing it and see what comes to you when you sit down with that blank page?

We have some exciting guest posts coming up, and I'll give you a list of the authors who will be guest posting as soon as our month of writing begins.

There will be prizes, including books on the topic of writing and even a Kindle Fire tablet. As the month begins, I'll post up the new Chapter Book Challenge badge for you to use on your websites and blogs.

If you haven't signed up already, go to the sign-up link above and sign up for the challenge. There is also a Facebook page you can follow and a Facebook group you can join. You can even find ChaBooCha on Twitter.

Happy writing!