Monday 2 November 2015

Teapot Tales Volume 3 Table of Contents #TeapotTales #TT3

There are 13 contributing authors and a total of 25 stories in this edition of the Teapot Tales anthologies.  If you are one of the contributing authors, please check that your name is spelled correctly and that your story title is correct. 

Table of Contents

The Midnight Feast by Bron Rauk-Mitchell
The Singers by Brenda A. Harris

Aunt Mabel and the Bare Truth by Indigo Phoenix
Maya and the Prince by Jo Hart

The Girl of Legend by Melissa Gijsbers

Snow Dancer by Rebecca Fyfe
The Three Dogs by Ashley Howland
The Fae Train by Angelica Fyfe
A Bird for Lucy by Theresa Nielsen
Panpipe Moon by Siobhan O'Neill
The Boy with No Story by Deirdre Sheridan Englehart
Guardian by Kayla Fyfe
The Magick of Teddy Bears by Bron Rauk-Mitchell
The Three Little Pigs by Melissa Gijsbers
Wood Sprite by Rebecca Fyfe
Dragon's Blood by Bron Rauk-Mitchell
The Magical Kind by Robert Fyfe
The Pygmy Hippo with the Big Heart by Ashley Howland
The Apple by Bron Rauk-Mitchell
The Piano Teacher by Theresa Neilson
Anna's Wolves by Rebecca Fyfe
The Lonely Dragon by Bron Rauk-Mitchell
Come Dance with Us by Rebecca Fyfe
Introducing Sunny the Faerie Mouse by Bron Rauk-Mitchell
The Magic of the Faeries by
Rebecca Fyfe

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