Friday 12 August 2016

The References: A Superhero Tale by Mark Dennion #Superheroes

My friend Mark Dennion has a new book out for kids that I am happy to introduce you to. Some of you might have already read his short story "The Abacus" in SuperHERo Tales: A Collection of Female Superhero Stories (Volume Two).

The References by Mark Dennion


Richard Shanary isn’t the best student. In fact, when it comes to English, he’s struggling for that “C” average his karate scholarship requires. 

On a stormy night in the bowels of the library, a freak lightning strike sends a jolt of electricity—and magic—into the hard line of the old desktop computer. Richard is injected with enough voltage to fry eggs—not to mention download the entire contents of the web dictionary he’s currently scrolling. Every word from A to Z is seared into his brain forever. 
By the time he wakes, Richard has gained the superhuman ability of instant recall on any definition in the English language, and even a few in French, Spanish, Portuguese, and German. Richard Shanary has become the Human Dictionary. A superhero bound to uphold the laws of society and grammar with his immense martial arts abilities and his power of instantly recalling the definition of the last word someone speaks to him. Not a single slang term or crooked criminal is safe. 

But Human Dictionary isn’t the only one with a gift. 

A scientist turned T Rex. A mapmaker with route recall better than any GPS. And an evil villain with an affinity for spandex intent on destroying them all and ruling the city herself. But she’ll have to take it from the meanest slang-slinging gang this city’s underbelly has ever seen. 

What we need is a hero. Or three. And so, a new era of superheroes begins… 


Mark Dennion is a graduate of Rutgers Camden and is a middle school Reading/Language Arts teacher who has been a fan of comics and heroes for as long as he can remember. He got the idea of The References from a project that he assigned his students after watching an episode of South Park. The References is his debut novel, but he hopes it to be the start of a long career. He lives in New Jersey with his beautiful wife and their "squirrel" in their small river cottage.

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