Saturday 30 September 2017

ChaBooCha Lite - Final Day! #ChaBooChaLite #ChaBooCha

The final day of the ChaBooCha Lite has arrived. I hope this day finds everyone who participated, if not finishing their books, then at least having written more this month than they would have done without the challenge.

We have some prize winners to announce for three of the four give-aways this month.

The winner of the Novel Under Construction writing journal is Melissa Stoller! Congratulations Melissa! Please contact me with the mailing address that you would like your journal sent to.


The winner of the signed copy of THE ENCHANTED SNOW GLOBE COLLECTION: RETURN TO CONEY ISLAND is saputnam. Congratulations! Please contact me or Melissa with the mailing address you would like your book sent to.


The winner of the hand-made mermaid charm bookmark (different from the one shown in the picture; pictured is a cat charm bookmark) is Meli Glickman! Congratulations, Meli! Please contact me with the mailing address you would like your book sent to.


I hope everyone has enjoyed this "lite" challenge and found it aided them in being more productive with their writing! Feel free to let me know a little about your book in the comments below. And thank you for joining us!

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  1. Oh my goodness, I can’t believe that I won the Snow Globe book!! Thank you for another great ChaBooCha Lite, Becky! I finished the revisions of my chapter book late last evening. I wasn’t sure which one I’d work on but chose the one that I feel will capture an agent’s interest… or I hope it will, even though it’s a retelling of a common fairy tale. It’s set in another country, with different characters, and has an Appendix with a glossary of Russian words, musical instruments, clothing, and even recipes