Saturday 15 September 2018

Half-way there! #ChabooCha #ChaBooChaLite

We are already halfway through the challenge. How is everyone doing? (Let me know in the comments, please.)

I know that many of you have struggled. There have been all sorts of weather events going on around the world, and if you happen to be near any of them, I'm sure it has made this challenge even more difficult as you focus has had to be elsewhere. Likewise, I know some of you have struggled with health issues, with family issues, with financial issues and with other distractions. I get it. Writing can be HARD.

So if you have stuck with us this far, I am truly impressed. It isn't easy for any of us, but getting those words down and our story written is worth it. I promise you, it will be worthwhile.

Just keep writing. Make a habit out of it.

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  1. I'm getting there. I had hit a huge road block, but had a cuppa with a friend this morning and I think we've solved the issue. Can't wait to get stuck into writing again :)

    1. I've come down with a nasty cold and, with it, I've lost all motivation to do anything. Hoping I recover soon and can get back to writing too!

  2. Catching up now, somehow missed the middle of the month - birthdays, soccer season, school concerts... been too busy