Thursday 14 February 2013

Line-up of authors, agents and publishers guest posting for 2013's ChaBooCha

I am so excited to announce some of the awesome authors, agents and publishers who will be guest posting this March for the Chapter Book Challenge!

Keep in mind that I am still working hard to find more knowledgeable people to help out, so this list may grow as the date of the challenge nears. (I will edit this post and include new guest post authors, agents and publishers as they become scheduled, so check back from time to time.)

Here's the line-up so far (not necessarily in this order), with a very brief mention of the things you may know them for:

Angela Ackerman - "The Emotion Thesaurus: A Writer's Guide to Character Expression," also teaches in writing workshops, webinars and at conferences
Her author page

Kimberly Kinrade - author with 10 published novels, including The Three Lost Kids series, along with several YA and adult novels
Her author page

Adam Wallace - Australian author with more than 20 published chapter books, including "Better Out Than In" and the How to Draw series, also a Chapter Book Challenge member
Adam Wallace Books

Lisa Cherry - "How To Stop Staring At A Blank Page and Start Writing: The Writer's Guide To Starting Your First Writing Project" and "Soul Journey: The Greatest Secrets to Living the Life You Want," also runs writing workshops
Her author page

Carole Blake - "From Pitch to Publication: Everything You Need to Know to Get Your Novel Published", also a literary agent with the Blake-Friedmann agency
Her author page

Rebecca Cornish Talley - author of 5 published books, including the picture book "Gabby's Secret," and several YA and adult novels, also a member of ChaBooCha
Her author page

K.M. Weiland - "Outlining Your Novel: Map Your Way to Success," and several novels, has a successful blog on writing and runs writing workshops (her guest post will be a re-post from her blog)
Her author page

Karen Pokra Toz - author of several chapter books, including the Nate Rocks series and "Milllicent Marie Is Not My Name," winner of several awards including First Place for Children's Chapter Books and the Grand Prize Overall in the 2012 Purple Dragonfly Book Awards, as well as placing first for a Global E-Book Award for Pre-Teen Literature
Her author page

Barbara Mack - prolific self-published author of YA, historical romance, cookbooks, and horror, also a Chapter Book Challenge member
Her author page as Barbara Mack
Her author page under the pen name Barbara Rose

Lee Wardlaw award-winning author of close to 30 books for children, tweens and teens, which have
sold more than a million copies world-wide.  Her latest chapter book is 101 Ways to Bug Your Friends and Enemies (Penguin, ages 10-14), winner of the Forward National Literature Award for Humor, one of the contributors at Project Mayhem.
Her author page

Margo Gibbs and Emma Gibbs - mother and daughter author team of "Mirabella the Mermaid Detective", raised over $6,000 while crowdfunding their first book, authors of books in other genres
Their (now closed) crowdfunding page

Jo Michaels
- author of eight fiction novels including books in "The Abigale Chronicles" and the "Mystic" series. Also wrote, "The Indie Author's guide to: Building a Great Book."
Her author page

Melissa Gijsbers - pre-published author of children's books and short stories, prolific blogger, winner of the 2012 Princess Parade Flash Fiction Challenge, and dedicated ChaBooCha member
Her writing blog

Kelly McDonald - pre-published author of children's books ad short stories, artist and illustrator, award winning artist with CYA writers and illustrators competition 2011, first place in CYA conference 2012
Commended award for "The Hollow" in June 2012 and dedicated ChaBooCha member
Her art page

There is still more to come so stay tuned! Subscribe to this blog if you want to get all the latest Chapter Book Challenge information as it becomes available.


  1. Awesome wishes!

  2. What a fabulous lineup! I can hardly wait to read these guest posts:) Thanks so much for taking the time to put this awesome event together. Very best wishes for the outcome!!!

  3. Thanks so much for lining up these authors for us...fantastic!

  4. Excellent, looking forward to reading their posts!

  5. It's really wonderful. Thanks Becky and a big thank you to your guest posters, too. :)