Monday 5 October 2015

Cast your vote in the semi-finals for the cover for Teapot Tales 3!

The girl with the unicorn image, as well as the woman and the wolf image, got several votes, but spread out across different backgrounds, so here's the way we will be voting: You get one vote. Vote for your favourite cover.If your vote is cast for one of the images that has more than one background version, you will vote for it as a set and if it wins, we will vote again to choose which background. If your vote is cast for an image that there is only one of, and it has the highest number of votes, it will be our new cover. There is one additional image in this vote (and an additional background) that is only included because I forgot to add it into the previous voting.  #4 is added in based on suggestions put to me during the first round of voting. The other images both had equal votes between them when taken as a group.

This time, you may vote for your favourite in the comments for this post. (When the actual cover is finally chosen, you may suggest whether or not you want the title and subtitle together at the bottom of the image, the top of the image or title at the top and subtitle at the bottom. You can also choose between the two fonts used below. We're only limiting the fonts to keep them from being too different from book to book. So you don't need to take the title placement or fonts into consideration when voting. Just vote on the picture (or set, if the one you like is in one) that appeals the most to you.)

You have until Thursday, the 8th of October to cast your vote. Winning cover will be announced on Friday, either as the final cover or as the set that will have one last vote on. Once the final cover is chosen, you may give your recommendation for the fonts and the final cover will be revealed by Sunday, the 11th of October,

Vote for #1:


Vote for #2:

Vote for #3:


Vote for #4: