Thursday 3 March 2016

Regional Ambassadors & the Teapot Tales anthology series #ChaBooCha

ChaBooCha Regional Ambassadors

The Chapter Book Challenge has been growing year on year and, there are some things I cannot do because of the restrictions of my location, such as meet-ups. As a solution, in places where there are more than just one member, ChaBooCha has Regional Ambassadors. 

ChaBooCha regional ambassadors are the people who coordinate Chapter Book Challenge events within their region. In order to become a regional ambassador, there first needs to be more members in your region than just you, and your main duties are to arrange write-ins and meet-ups with other members within your region and also to spread the word about the challenge within your region.

Promotional materials, when they are in the budget, get sent out to our Regional Ambassadors, and printable files will be sent as well. A special RA badge will be created for RAs to use on their blogs and websites, if they so choose. As things move along, there may be more perks added for RAs.

If you think this is a role you might like to take on within your region, send me an e-mail. (There is only one RA per region, but they may choose a co-RA.)

The Teapot Tales anthology series

The Chapter Book Challenge began in 2012. In 2013, in an effort to help pay for the prizes, the domain, some of the promotional materials and other related stuff, members started contributing to an anthology of flash fictions stories. There are now three anthologies in the Teapot Tales series of anthologies: 
"Teapot Tales: A Collection of Unique Fairy Tales" (Teapot Tales: Volume 1) and "Teapot Tales: Pirates, Mermaids and Monsters of the Sea" (Teapot Tales: Volume 2) and Teapot Tales: A Collection of Unusual Fairy Tales (Teapot Tales: Volume 3). 

Submissions are only open to 
Chapter Book Challenge members. The anthologies are sold through Amazon, but will be expanding to other retail outlets. All authors retain the copyrights to their stories to publish in their own collections or on their own websites. Up to three stories may be submitted. 
Submitting to the anthology is completely voluntary; you do not have to submit any stories in order to participate in the Chapter Book Challenge. Proceeds go towards the Chapter Book Challenge. Contributing authors get an author bio listed towards the back of the anthology in an "About the Authors and Illustrators" section. 
Artwork (line drawings) is also accepted.. Submission information can be found at Melusine Muse Press.

This year's anthology title is "Teapot Tales: A Collection of Extraordinary Fairy Tales." 
The stories are flash fiction (minimum word count 300 words/maximum word count 1,000 words) and are to either be a new take on an old fairy tale (sometimes called twisted fairy tales or fractured fairy tales) or completely new fairy tales.

All work must be your own.

Deadline for story submissions (and artwork): August 31st, 2016

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  1. Sounds awesome. I hope to have something ready to submit. Hope all is well with you, Becky.