Saturday 9 March 2013

Announcing the winner of "The Emotion Thesaurus" #ChaBooCha

Before I make the announcement and let you know who was lucky enough to win the "Emotion Thesaurus" by Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi, I need to make a new request for future posts that include a chance at an entry for a prize.

Out of 83 people who are entered in the challenge, only 16 took the time to comment on the post and get entered into the drawing for the prize. This is good news for the people who entered because it ups their chances of winning. However, as I went over the names, I had to look up several of them on their web sites, because their comment only gave me a username or a first name, and we do have several people in the challenge who share the same names. So, for this reason, I am going to request in future prize posts, that anyone who comments put their name at the end of their comment. It's not as important for those of you who's logged in name is the same as your first and last name, but for others, it will make the winner selection process much easier.

Now, on to announcing the winner of the prize, "The Emotion Thesaurus" by Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi. Everyone who commented on the guest post by Angela Ackerman (as long as they were a signed-up member of the Chapter Book Challenge, was entered into the drawing.)

I used the random number generator on to select the winner and the number came up with 15. so that makes the winner:
Kelly McDonald

Kelly is no stranger to winning prizes as, if my memory serves me correctly, she won a couple of prizes in last year's Chapter Book Challenge. Congratulations, Kelly!

For those of you who did not win, I highly recommend this book. If you decide to buy a copy, you can find it on Amazon.


  1. Congratulations, Kelly!!!!

    I want to explain why I haven't been commenting on posts, even though they're EXCELLENT, and the prizes are, too. Because of my other commitments this month, I find I'm just not able to keep up with the writing end of ChaBooCha, so I'm just reading to gain knowledge that I'll put to use at some other time. Therefore, I feel it would be unfair for me to enter the prize contests. Thanks for all your hard work in lining up guest posts and prizes, though, Becky! You rock!

  2. Congrats, Kelly! Thanks for the giveaway op, Becky, Angela and Becca.

  3. Congrats Kelly! I hope it becomes a good brainstorming tool for you. And thanks to Chapter Book Challenge for letting me be a part of this awesome event! :)